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Reduce, reuse, recycle, Song

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Unser Projekt soll Menschen dazu animieren mehr auf ihre Umwelt zu achten und nachhaltiger zu leben. Um das zu erreichen, haben wir einen Liedtext bearbeitet und gemeinsam musiziert. Das Originallied ist "Grenade" von Bruno Mars.


Strophe 1:

Plastic comes, plastic stays, That’s just how it is OH

Clothes, clothes, clothes are made in the worst way

Poorly paid, child labour, chemical abuse

Keep your eyes wide open, yeah, keep them open OH


Gave us all we have, but we don´t understand, why you don´t pay attention

Earth gives us plants and trees, because we need to breath.

But what we don´t understand is

Why don´t we care about nature YEAH YEAH

You should reduce your waste YEAH YEAH

Paper can be reused UH UH

And just recycle your plastic YEAH YEAH

Oh oh

We should care about our future

Go by bus or go by train

We just want you to care

But you don´t feel the same

Strophe 2:

Life, Life, life and death, does it even matter

If your kids grow up and never get a chance.

Global warming, climate change will affect the world

Yeah, your loved ones will blame you cause you’re not responsible.


If the world was on fire,

OH would you try to suffocate the flames

You said you tried to save me,

you’re a liar cause you never ever tried to fight for me.

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